Frist Cat Walk On Luna | MYZOO Design

As people say that Armstrong was the first human to walk on the #moon.

Then the #cats must be the first fur friend to walk on the #moon ūüėä

‚ÄúWOW‚ÄĚ is always the first reaction our #fur parents could make when seeing #Luna.

Luna is in the shape of a crescent, equipped with a slotted platform for better activity and mobility, which allows #cats to freely climb and perch.

What’s more, the unique and spectacular appearance in wood color is obviously a classic element for any interior design that will never be out of fashion.

As surrounded by Luna, we can sense the fresh and comfy vibe anytime.

As we always say, MYZOO’s products never take up too many valuable spaces. We make the perfect and practical shared rooms that we can live in harmony with each other.

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