Types of Cat Litter Cat Lovers Should Know

Cat food and cat litter are essentials for nurturing a cat.

Either you are going to foster or adopt one, the more you know about the essence for them the better.

There are many types of cat litter, scented or non-scented, clumping or non-clumping, sizes, textures or colors.


Scented or Unscented?

Urines and feces might be difficult to smell. Some cat litter add some scents on it to cover the smell of urine and feces so the smell wouldn’t spread out all over the space. Scented cat litter might have some help for odors, but it might not be your cats’ preference.

Unscented cat litter are some natural materials which are able to absorb the odors from urine and feces to reduce the smell of litter box. Unscented cat litter are mostly been seen as made of pinewood, clay, or wheat, which would be most familiar for cats.

 Pinewood cat litter is non-clumping litter after attaching cat urine and feces.

Clumping or Non-clumping

After felines finished their job in litter boxes, the cat litter would turn into clumping or non-clumping. The differences would impact how pet parents change the cat litter and clean up the litter box. Clumping cat litters can keep the odors better and reduce the messes around the litter box. Pet parents can change the clumping cat litters less often than non-clumping ones as well.


Types of Cat Litter
Clay: The most common cat litter among the cat litter market. It is believed that clay is very alike to the soil outdoor which makes cats get used of it more easily than other materials. Since it is a lot alike to the soil, it would get the spaces dusty as well.

Clay litter in a water proof cat litter box.

Silica: It can be scented or unscented. The silica material couldn’t clump very well after used, so the cleansing might be easy for pet parents. It could be reused by a cat over a period of one month. It is suggested that try the silica cat litter with kitten since the texture might not be accepted by most cats.


Pinewood: Pinewood is made of natural pinewood which makes it a natural deodorizer, environmentally safe and biodegradable. This type of cat litter wouldn’t clump after used so the litter box won’t be dusty.


Recycled Paper: Recycled paper cat litter is known for its soft texture which might be great choice for cats recovering from their surgery. It doesn’t clump and control the odor like other cat litters.


These are most popular cat litter types in the market. Each of them comes in various shapes, forms or scents, the best cat litter depends on your feline preference. As long as your cats are used of it, it would be the best type cat litter for them.

A white feline sitting in a large enclosure cat litter cabinet which includes two entry.

Besides deciding the cat litter, cat litter box can be a big part of this “business”. Whether which types of cat litter felines may fond of, cat litter box stands an important part. Omega is an enclosure cat litter box which can contain the cat litter well inside of the litter box. It can be an elegant piece of cabinet as well.


For more types of litter box, here is a brief introduction.


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