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Confused between several choices for cat litter box?

Couldn’t make up your mind for THE right cat litter box?

A right cat litter box would lead you to a comfy and happy life.

If you have no idea of what’s a litter box is, here is a brief introduction for all types of litter box. If you had read the introduction, this is to talk about the reason why we suggest to get a covered litter box instead of an open one.


Will it be a mess around litter box?

Cleaning is always a question for every cat family.

Cat usually pee and poop inside of house, which might need to self-clean up urine and defecation.

For cat owners, litter could be really a nightmare. Most litter box is open up without a cover on it. This type of open litter box would somehow bring out litter tracking left on cats’ paws.

Some cats are kickers, love to kick and dig litter out of the box based on their original nature. The litter would stay in box with a cover on it, and the spot would be neat and clean.

How to avoid the odor?

Litter box do not smell pleasant after used. Litter box would be at living room, bed room, or any places related to owners. You might want to make sure living spaces wouldn’t be ruined by odor in home.

The best way – hide it so you won’t even notice it – just like a closet with and without an enclosure door, cloths keep in closet with door would smell better than those in the contrary.

How to prevent the litter played and sprayed from cats, dogs, or kids?

If you own more than one cats, there are other pets or kids in your home, you should probably think to choose a covered cat litter box for sure.

Litter covered could prevent from cats playing the litter or interrupted by dogs or kids during having a relaxation. A litter box with cover could avoid dogs playing or eating poop.

Some love to play with the litter, and this situation happen in kids or dog-cats family as well. It is more convenient to choose a covered cat litter box over an open one for dog-cats family, or family with kids.

 I’d already got a covered cat litter box, why my cats still pee outside of it?

Some cats might pee outside of the litter box, there are lots of reason might cause the problem, might be mental health, location changed, or different litter.

If everything is as same as the original, it might be the space are too small for them to pee.

Cat lovers show lots of love towards cats by feeding lots of goods.

Cats might gain weights easily without noticing, while the litter box stay in the same dimension.

The inner space of litter box should be wide enough for cats to get in and done their job.

A cat litter box cabinet will be a good choice.

There is door enclosed at the front, and two holes aside as the entry for cats.

Since it is a enclosed space, there are four holes on the back board for better ventilation to keep the cat litter box cabinet fresh inside and outside.


To contain the litter tracking from paws, it is better to have litter walk with the cat litter box cabinet.

A cat litter box cabinet offer a rest spot for cats as well, they can rest or sit on the top of it.

The top of cabinet could be used as a desk placing other stuff, or cats can sit out it. Cat litter box cabinet could be multi used cat furniture.

Cat litter box cabinet is not only a litter box, but a fine piece of cat furniture which make you share a better home with you and your cats.



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