MYZOO Case Study

Cat Room Makeover, Cat Playground, Cat Super-High-Way

Build trust between cats and children | MYZOO

Cats are afraid of children? Here are some tips for building trust between cats and children.

Monochrome Cat Wall Designed by Kate from Hauspanther x Myzoo

Enjoy this monochrome cat wall design, designed by Kate from Hauspanther

A Cat Friendly Home For The Maine Coon | Myzoo

Nini is a maine coon that lives with two big dogs. When her owner came to consult us, she mentioned, because the dogs are energetic, the house is not suitable for putting any floor-standing cat tree. Also even Nini gets along well with the dogs, they still hope there is a place exclusively for Nini.


The owner is a loved-up couple just had their first baby. They live with two lovely cats originally, but now, since baby was born, they decided to rebuild the room and provide a comfort environment for their baby and cats.

Cat Friendly Environment

Bed, Litter, Bowl, Cat tree, Scratching, Catification, Environmental Enrichment

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gift for Cat Lovers | Myzoo

Holiday gifts ideas for cat lovers, felines, and friends. Christmas gift guide for cat lovers.

Tips For Setting Cat Litter Box | MYZOO

These are some tips for placing a cat litter box that every cat parents should know.

Essentials for Cat Friendly Household | MYZOO DESIGN

Create a cat-friendly household is important and vital for both pets and pet parents.

Cat Behavior

Behavior Problems and Training Tips , The Meaning of Behavior.

How to get dogs and cats along with each other? | MYZOO Design

By knowing their natures and personality, pet lovers can create a dog-cat family gets everyone closer together.

How to stop cat from being naughty? | MYZOO Design

A cat shelves mounted, keep the sofa away from paws. Floating cat beds get felines involved exercise so the furniture could be safe.

Fun Facts About Cats

Knowledge, Healthy Information

How Much Do Cats Sleep? | Myzoo Design

Sleeping matters! Most cats sleep more than 10 hours a day, and nearly 40% cats sleep more than 18 hours per day. Felines gain enough energy through sleeping.

GIVEAWAY!! Win A FREE Spaceship Gamma | Myzoo

Get the chance to win a 5% off coupon and a free spaceship Gamma.

Stories Cat's Tail Tell you | MYZOO

The must-know secret of cat's tails for all cat lovers.

Why My Cat Kneads? | MYZOO Design

The reasons why cats knead that you should know.

Cat Hotel, Boarding

Cat Boarding, Cat Adoption, Cat Restaurant

Send Love to Cat Adoption | Myzoo Design

A giveaway event of a cat wall to cat adoption, cat rescue, cat foster home, or cat cafe! Follow, Comment, Share to help us reach the goal! A chance to win a free gift if leaving a comment!

Essential for fostering cats or dogs | MYZOO Design

Before becoming a foster home, there are some important points you should consider carefully.

The Reason You Should Foster a Cat or Dog | MYZOO Design

Fostering a cat or dog would be the best experience for you and them.

How can I own a cat? | MYZOO Design

There are many ways to own a cat. You may either rescue one or foster one.

Adorable Cat

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