MYZOO Case Study

Cat Room Makeover, Cat Playground, Cat Super-High-Way

Cat Superhighway Never Ends | Room Makeover | MYZOO Design

The wall would be extended the vertical world so felines can go up and down, jump and hop to find their favorite spot.

DIY Cat Shelves | Room Makeover | MYZOO Design

How to turn cat furniture more special with your own choices!

Cutest Wall Decoration | Room Makeover | MYZOO

Here is the superhighway never ends on the wall!

Cat Friendly Environment

Bed, Litter, Bowl, Cat tree, Scratching, Catification, Environmental Enrichment

The Importance of Resting Spots & Stepper | MYZOO Design

Resting spots and steppers are equally important for a cat wall.

Types of Cat Litter Cat Lovers Should Know

Each of them comes in various shapes, forms or scents, the best cat litter depends on your feline preference.

Frist Cat Walk On Luna | MYZOO Design

Stylish and well-designed cat bed which is inspired by the moon allows felines curved into it.

Cat Behavior

Behavior Problems and Training Tips , The Meaning of Behavior.

How to get dogs and cats along with each other? | MYZOO Design

By knowing their natures and personality, pet lovers can create a dog-cat family gets everyone closer together.

How to stop cat from being naughty? | MYZOO Design

A cat shelves mounted, keep the sofa away from paws. Floating cat beds get felines involved exercise so the furniture could be safe.

Fun Facts About Cats

Knowledge, Healthy Information

How does #WFH look like for pet lovers | MYZOO Design

Some tips for those pet lovers who work from home.

Would my pet get me coronavirus? Let's hear about what experts say! | MYZOO Design

There is currently no evidence that pet animals can be a source of Covid-19 for humans or that this virus can cause the disease in pets

Cat Hotel, Boarding

Cat Boarding, Cat Adoption, Cat Restaurant

Essential for fostering cats or dogs | MYZOO Design

Before becoming a foster home, there are some important points you should consider carefully.

The Reason You Should Foster a Cat or Dog | MYZOO Design

Fostering a cat or dog would be the best experience for you and them.

How can I own a cat? | MYZOO Design

There are many ways to own a cat. You may either rescue one or foster one.

3 amazing cat boarding which we would love to bring our cat to stay in! | MYZOO Design

See our most recommended cat boarding place if you are out for the vacation or holidays.

Adorable Cat

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