Original Design

“These are the pieces that we would love to show off to the world.”

Each piece produces based on our loves for cats.
Designing stylish and functional cat furniture has become the ultimate goal for Myzoo Design. The final piece could be on the market only with the approval of our biggest boss – finicky cats!

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Safe & Sound

Inspired by modern stylish design,
we keep the design clean and simple in a elegant way and make sure they are safe enough for curious kitties.

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Aesthetic Décor

We choose wooden material to give the high-quality touches.
They are the cat beds make the interior more aesthetic and functional.
They would match with your living room, bed room, or work space.

<Renovation Idea>

Renovation plan


A cat walkway design for an elder cat and young one that suits each feline. 

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Renovation plan

A vertical cat WALL with a CAT bridge

A customized cat bridge connects with a vertical cat wall from pawrent's request.

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Renovation plan

Living with Dog& Cats in a 60 Square Meter Loft

Renovate an old house into a pet-friendly house for a dog-cat family by mounting cat shelves on the wall and an isolated glass cat house.

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Wall-mounted cat shelves allow felines to run and jump vertically which would be the most adorable decoration in your home!

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