【SCRATCHER】Seaweed Sisal Cat Scratcher | MYZOO


 SEAWEED is the all-new scratcher for Myzoo scratcher collection!

Made with natural sisal and rubber wood, Seaweed is sturdy enough to endure the stress and pressure from their paws.

 The scratching pad can be mounted on two sides, either side would work to fit in any space.



 《Product Details》

 Seaweed  x 1 pc


Natural Sisal, Rubber Wood

Dimension (in):

W 10.5" x L 23.6" x H 3.6"

Weight (lbs):

2.8 lbs

Max Loading:

about 33 lbs


Cat-Friendly Furniture, Wall-Mounted Cat shelves, Cat Wall, Cat Tree, Cat step, Cat Climbing, Cat walkway

 Suitable for Kitten, Bengal, Norwegian Forest, Maine Coon, American Shorthair, Domestic cat, Dog-cat Family
 *Attached mounting kit is for mounting on the concrete wall.
Please reach out to Myzoo or a qualified professional if you are unsure about the wall type.

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