FREE Customization Layout Plan Service (Refundable)

To create a cat wall not only need to think about the space, but also the "cat".

Some of cats are fear about staying at high place.
Some of cats they are large size, overweight, old etc.
Some of owners they have more than one cat.
All of the cases are different, then you will need the professional advice from us.

Order FREE Layout Service – Order a design layout service, and be aware of our contacts via email. We would ask you to provide related information for the layout plan. You don’t have to order any items yet.

Discuss & Modification – After discussing with you, we would provide a layout. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with us at this stage, everything is amendable!

Order Items – We would list out the items in the layout for you after confirming the details. Order them and ready to build the cat playground!!

Refund $100 – As soon as receiving your order, we would refund $100 back to you. It is 100% refund. The design service is totally FREE!!

Deliver & Mount – Be ready for the shipment! They are on the way to you. Mount them on the wall with the suitable wares and anchors. We would send you the layout with detailed measurements as well, so the playground would look exactly the same as you planned.

To design a cat wall that really fit your case.
Normally we charge USD$100 to provide the layout plan.
But NOW we charge for FREE
*Buy the service
which would be refunded after we receive your order for the cat wall.
Click here to see the processing.

The event will probably end anytime.
So don't hesitate to visit shop !

Instruction for assembling:

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