Floating Round Cat Shelves | Round Lack (2pcs) | MYZOO

We know cats love perching up high and want to create a perfect vantage point for them.
The Lack is a wall-mounted cat shelves which create a vertical space.
It allows your cats to explore and lounge up high, which cats love.
Moreover saving space of your apartments when you don’t want to take up valuable floor space.

On the production method, we abandon the past which use brackets to strengthen the shelve and carry weight from cat. 
We use bentwood to make the Lack not just look beauty but safety. 
To catify your house, LACK cat shelves makes it simpler.

S: Width7.87in x Length9.84in x Height 3.93in
M: Width11.81in x Length11.81in x Height 3.93in
Round Lack: Width11.81in x Length7.9in x Height 4.72in
Round Lack (Clear): Width11.81in x Length7.9in x Height 4.72in

Material: Plywood, Oak veneer

Product weight:
S/per each: 1.4lbs
M/per each: 2.2lbs
Round/per each: 1.65lbs
Rround Lack (Clear) /per each: 2.2lbs
Max load: 33lbs

Usage: Cat Friendly Furniture, Wall Mounted Cat shelves, Cat Wall, Cat Tree, Cat step
Suitable: Kitten, Large size cat, Normal size cat

Instruction for assembling: https://myzoo.design/pages/assemble

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