MYZOO-Outerspace: Elevated Cat Feeder, Cat bowl

There are always new things found in outer space that surprises us.
Much like space, our pets seem to surprise us one way or another.
Whether it's after arriving home or something silly they just happen to do.
There are always new things about our pet waiting to be discovered.
The Outerspace is a U.F.O shaped product with a stable, yet removable stand.
If the bowl is empty, you may invert the glass bowl to become a well-designed prop.

Products Details
Material: Pine, Glass
Bowl: diameter 4.72inch/ depth 1.97inch 
Wood stand: width: 7.48inch/ hight: 6.3inch
Capacity: 300ml
Product weight: 0.7KG
Uses: Elevated Cat Feeder, Raised Stand Cat bowl
Perfect for All ages Cat and Kitten

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