A Free Cat Bed From MYZOO


As a designer, we, MYZOO value every customer's voice.
It's being 4 years since we started to sell the spaceship : Alpha & Gamma.
We've received many of responses from our customers,
like hoping we can make the spaceship in a different material or in a different color.
or making a mix color on alpha .

So here we are.
We make a slightly color change on Alpha.
By making the color darker on leg of Alpha,
we would like to bring you a feeling that it's warm, calm and interesting.

Before we actually release this new spaceship.
We would like to invite our valuable customer which is you.
To tell us what's your feeling about the new Alpha.
As most of you know, the alpha is really not easy to produce.
So for this first batch , we only have 20PCS
The least but not the last,you will have this new alpha FOR FREE

🐈How to get it for free?
>Place an order for over $500!
*Since the new alpha is limited in number,
we will follow the order number to give.
*One account can only get one.
*No return.
>Put this product in your shopping cart together!
The price will automatically deduct. 

Don't hesitate to go shopping NOW!

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