MYZOO-Busycat: Ottoman, Small Table, Cat Scratcher

$137.70 $153
Chair Plate is a floor bench design of the Busycat series.
The cushion can be a rest chair for people and also be used as a scratching for cats.
Moreover, when you take the cushion down, the wood plate turns into a small table.
Like the BusyCat, you can freely arrange them according to your environment.

Come With:
Busycat(1 Unit)
Product Details 
Material: Pine 
Dimension: Width19.68in x Length11.81in x Height17.12in / Thickness: 0.70 in / Diameter: 7.87in
Product weight: 8.59 lbs 
Weight limit: 33 lbs

Chair Plate(1 Unit)
Product Dimension: Width19.68in x Length17.4in x Height1.1 in
Material: pine, high density sponge, scratch resistant sofa fabric, non-slip silicone mat, metal materials Product weight: 4.51 lbs 
Weight limit: 220lbs

Uses: Cat Friendly Furniture, Scratching Posts,Cat Scratcher, bench, chair,
Suitable: Kitten, Large size cat, Normal size cat, Human

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