MYZOO-AERO: Wall Mounted Cat Shelves

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We all curious about the place where we have never been to, so as to the cats.

The place we never though cats can get.
The place where we prohibit cats to go.

We always can find them in a surprising place.
Because the curiosity supports them to be courageous to explore the unknown place.
Just like how curiosity supports us to explore the universe.
And that’s the initial idea which we design the AERO
After that, we thought about the cat’s favorite thing: perch on a high place and see the thing from above. It likes the thing we will do on the flight.
So base on these thoughts, we designed an aeroplane shape cat shelf
With a width and depth of 11.8 in,
the Aero is a perfect size shelf to extend the vertical place for cat lover starters.
You can easily extend the height and the width to the cabinet.
Provides a higher and a wider vantage point for cat run up and down.

Dimension: Width11.8in x Length11.8in x Height3.93in
Wood thickness: 0.39in
Material: Oak
Product weight: 2.2lbs
Max load: 33lbs
Usage: Cat Friendly Furniture, Wall Mounted Cat shelves, Cat Wall, Cat Tree, Cat step
Suitable: Kitten, Large size cat, Normal size cat

Instruction for assembling:

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