We all heard a good design makes a difference, but how? Is it the gold or the fancy sky-high display ? Not exactly our style. We like to start with something simple, something can be seen daily such as a chair, a table, or maybe just a bookshelf.  From there, we give the furniture a bit of our own touch and share that with our furry friend.  The idea is not to create a fancy house, but an environment that may lead to much of fun and laughter with the fur-babies. It is our greatest happiness to see our users to fully enjoy the environment that we provided and build all the beautiful memories through our design.

What We LOVE About MYZOO

Tim (Product Designer):
We Care About What Cats Really Needs.

Ever since I have the memory, my life is filled with the cats and dogs.There are 7 cats and 2 dogs in my home. To me they are not just my pets, they are my family. So when I'm designing the product, I like to start with something simple, something can be seen daily such as a chair, a table, or a bookshelf. We want the users share the products with cats together in their daily life. Build all the beautiful memories through our design.

Cat Furniture, Elegant.
It's my first designing product. The product looked modern which is most cat products don't have. I put much focus on studying cat's behavior when I was designing it. Through the study, the Elegant isn't an ordinary house for cat. It's a truly cat friendly furniture which is not only a cat house, but can also be used as an ottoman or small table. From the feedback of the users, I'm filled with pleased. I could tell that both the owners and the cats are enjoying the products.

Ann (Japanese Market Sales):

Ilive in an apartment where the rent is not expensive but the space is not big also. The space is almost occupied by the furniture, like bed, closet and desk. If there are only me lives in the room, the space is big enough. But I have two cats, to be honest, that's not big enough for three of us.

The Climbing Cat Wall Idea:
I really love the idea about the climbing cat wall which is came up from my company, MYZOO since 3 years ago. The idea solves many problems in my house. For example, my cats really like to perch high and to jump high. However I don't have enough place to put a cat tree for them, to cater what they love. They seems like bored all the time, so that they always be naughty. But since the climbing cat wall done, they have a playground to chase, to jump and to perch. They gradually stop being naughty. It's really find the right balance between my space and cat's.

Leona(Customer service Representative):

Ihave a cat named Peter. He is curious with everything and shy at the same time.  If someone enter office, he would hide in a place where he can sneakily observe them. 

The Spaceship Cat Bed-Alpha, Gamma:
I really like the idea of Alpha and Gamma. For Alpha, the two transparent acrylic provide the large space for him to sleep. Moreover, it provides a secure environment by giving the cat a much wider eyesight.  And for the gamma, it can be mounted on the wall so my cat, peter can  climb into the bed and see things through the clear acrylic dome from high place. 

Miva (Graphic Designer):

My work basically is around the stylish and the beauty things. Like designing a banner itself. It's a blank canvas not only to the banner and also to the wall of my house. I have to know what I want to put on this blank canvas. 

The Beauty of Luna:
when the designer proposed the idea of Luna, I know, it's the cat shelf that I must have to mount on the wall of my house. After I hang the Luna on my wall, the beauty of Luna makes the white wall become stylish and interesting. Sometimes, designing is not about putting every beauty things, but about putting the only beauty thing, that's enough.

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