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"Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are"
The children's song brings us many memories.
It's maybe about love or about someone/something we treasure.
TWINKLE STAR cat tree/ scratcher will create great memories in your life by taking your cat to the "sky".
Being an accessory of LUNA cat tree,
TWINKLE STAR provides not only a short step for cats to climb higher,
and also a scratcher to reduce the cat's pressure.

Twinkle allows felines to hop on or hang onto it since the main body is made of wood.

Easily build the cat wall in your home. And perfectly fit in any interior design.
Wall-mounted cat shelves are a great space-saving idea for small spaces and apartments when you don't want to take up valuable floor space.
More importantly, cat wall climbing shelves allow your cats to explore and lounge up high, which cats love.

Cat shelf's dimensions:
Width13.58in x Depth10.11in x Length13.18in
Weight 4.4lbs
Max load: 33lbs
Material: pine, hemp
Usage: Cat-Friendly Furniture, Wall Mounted Cat shelves, Cat Wall, Cat Scratcher, Cat Tree
Advantage: As a cat step and also a cat scratcher.
Suitable: Kitten, Large size cat, Normal size cat

Instruction for assembling:

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