Hexagon Chair, End Table, Cat Scratcher | Busycat Ottoman | MYZOO

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This set includes 1 piece of Busycat and 
1 piece of Chair  Plate. 
Busycat is free to combine with Chair Plate to create an Ottoman Busycat Chair!

Ottoman Busycat Chair can be in either Oak or White, you can choose the variation you prefer. The chair plate contains a soft cushion and provides a sturdy base with a wooden plate. The chair plate attached a cushion in light grey color that blends well into the wooden plate.

Ottoman could turn into an end table as the cushion is removable. It can be an alternative to take off the cushion if you like to use it as an end table.

Alike all of Myzoo Design products, it is free to combine a couple of Ottoman together and you would have a cat tunnel or a larger piece of pet furniture.

Come With:
Busycat(1 Unit)
Product Details 
Material: Pine 
Dimension: Width19.68in x Length11.81in x Heigh+t17.12in / Thickness: 0.70 in / Diameter: 7.87in
Product weight: 8.59 lbs 
Weight limit: 33 lbs

Chair Plate(1 Unit)
Product Dimension: Width19.68in x Length17.4in x Height1.1 in
Material: pine, high-density sponge, scratch resistant sofa fabric, non-slip silicone mat, metal materials Product weight: 4.51 lbs 
Weight limit: 220lbs

Uses: Cat Friendly Furniture, Scratching Posts,Cat Scratcher, bench, chair,
Suitable: Kitten, Large size cat, Normal size cat, Human

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