【BUNDLE】Superhighway Set | Myzoo Design

$232.65 $258.50

Finding a cat shelf that is both safe and comfortable for sleeping? Avenue would be the best choice! Avenue is a cat bridge with a longboard and an armrest aside for them to rest on. You could set the Superhighway Set anywhere they like in any direction, even the corner! With multi-usages, Avenue could even be mounted on the ceiling if there are no reserved spaces for wall-mounted cat shelves. (Could the cats be any more spoiled) Add a gamma as the destination of the cat wall would be the most popular spot. The Superhighway set could be set above the workspace, aside from the window, or along with the doorway. Felines could run, chase, climb, and rest on the Avenue. The Spaceship Gamma is an even more purrfect resting spot for them!