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$430 $695

 1 OMEGA SLIDE + 2 Foldable Litter Box for Free 🎁


Get 1 single Large Litter Box here: ADD IN CART


A cat litter cabinet that could be accompanied with them life-long – OMEGA SLIDE. With a wide opening on the left side, felines can step into Omega Slide easily in and out. The litter catcher would keep all the mess inside of the cabinet and keep the room clean and neat. The litter box could be cleaned easily with the sliding door on the right side.

The litter box included with Omega Slide is foldable, water-proof, washable, and totally FREE! It can be replaced with their original ones. After changing the litter, close the door and Omega Slide would fit in with the aesthetic interior.


Tried the toys, but they are still furniture-sabotager?

It's time to enrich the environment for them! Felines love perching up high and viewing down from the top. Climbing and hunting are their instincts. Adding floating cat shelves would courage them to exercise and climb up and down which would be good for their health.


Every item includes a mounting kit for brick/ concrete walls. Please find anchors for drywall from the local store. If you are unsure about your wall type or what mount method you should use, consult a qualified professional or your local hardware store.


  • 1 Foldable Litter Box + 1 Extra Large Litter Box
  • Inner Storage Space

There is a storage space in the cat liter cabinet.

  • Litter Catcher Tray

The litter catcher keeps the litter inside.

  • Large Opening

Easy-opened sliding door allows easy access for cleaning litter.

  • Wide Space for Kittens to Large Cats

Easy access for aged cats, kittens, short-leg cats, like Munchkin.


The ragdoll is sitting inside the large litter box.





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