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🎉The one and only Milo is ruling the Spaceship Gamma and the Stingray! 🎉

Meowmmy set up this set in the bedroom, so they could share the dream in the same room! Without expectations, meowmmy woke up and saw Milo sleeping comfortably and soundly on the Stingray the next day! It's such a touchable and miracle moment to see our fluffy babies sleeping comfortably on the new bed we bought for them.

Spaceship Gamma would usually be the most popular spot for the fluffy buddies to fight for. But, surprisingly, Milo and Pipi, his little brother, always keep their eyes on the Stingray, our new design from the new ocean collection. Meowmmy said Milo and Pipi would take turns for the Stingray. They love the fin of the Stingray that could hold them while staying op in the air. Stingray could be both a stepper and a bed for them. 

Milo is a 3y/o Ragdoll, Pipi is a newborn Munchiken. Considering the activeness and body shapes of Milo & Pipi, meowmmy set the shelves closer than the layout scheduled. They are both having their best time playing on the cat shelves!



Milo's Pick: Lazy Bedroom Set

Spaceship Gamma x1

Stingray x1

Zone x1

Lack M x1

Seaweed Scratcher x1


Get the set that is specially picked by Milo with 10% off now! 

Enjoy waking up with your fluffy babies in the bedroom every morning. 🌈


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