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$525.30 $618
3 Busycat Pine + 1 Gamma + 1 Busycat Cover Plate Pine

Find your felines in the wood! 15% off on Burly Wood Bundle! There are 3 Busycat and 1 Gamma, together create a vertical cat tunnel. Floating cat shelves are space-saving and free to build on the wall like a cat tree or a cat playground.

There are holes for cats to sneak in. You can add a cover to turn it into a cat cave! Don't miss the best seller set!.

A Classic bundle included:

  • Busycat x 3 unit:

A hexagonal shape product, allowing for modular design.
Having four openings,
each unit can be attached to any other Busy Cat to form a honeycomb-like structure.
Creating the cat walkaway on wall with Busycat!

Product Details
Material: Pine
Dimension: Width19.68in x Length11.81in x Height17.12in
Thickness: 0.70 in / Diameter: 7.87in
Product weight: 8.59 lbs
Max load: 33lbs
Original Price: USD140 for each

  • Busycat- cover plate x 1 unit:

Providing a hidden place where cats love
Product Dimension: Width15.5in x Length17.7in x Height1.45in
Material: pine
Thickness:0.7 in
Product weight: 2.09 lbs
Diameter: 7.87in
Original Price:USD43



  • Spaceship gamma x 1 unit:
A wall mounted cat bed, allowing cat’s sleeping well when they don’t want to be disturbed. The transparent acrylic provides a comfortable, smooth, rounded sleep environment as well as a lookout for your cat. Even better, the clear bubbles provide those on the "outside" a whimsical view of the Spaceship Gamma's occupant!

Diameter 15.74in x 18.7in 
Diameter of Entrance: 8.66in
Max load: 33lbs
Original Price: USD155

Instruction for assembling: https://myzoo.design/pages/assemble

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