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After rescuing cats or dogs from the streets, rescue group would keep them say in adoption. Dogs and cats would wait for the next lovely household take them forever.

 A white cat sneak peak through the hole on hexagon type Busycat shelf which can also transform into a piece of chair.

Sometimes, there are not enough spaces in the shelter. Foster home would be important and could offer some support at this place.

There are common reasons to foster cats or dogs:

  1. A kitten or puppy is too young to keep in the shelter.
  2. A cat or puppy might show signs of stress such as hiding in the dark.
  3. While recovering from surgery, illness or injury, kitten or puppy need a safe place to recuperate.
  4. A kitten or puppy need to learn how to live in a home and get along with people and become socialized.
  5. The shelter is running out of spaces.

By fostering a kitten or puppy, you can free up a space for other cats or dogs needed the space more. Besides, the shelter can take in more cats or dogs and learn more about them so they would end up finding a perfect forever home.

Fostering a pet would be one of the most remarkable, rewarding, and unforgotten experiences you can have.

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