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Are you thinking to own a cat?

Maybe to adopt one or to rescue one on the street (if lucky). By meaning rescue, foster can be a good option for those who are considering to adopt one.

Felines lay on a wooden oak cat shelves made by Myzoo design

Adoption might be a big decision. It takes great courage to decide welcoming a new member into your home.

If this is the first time for you to care of a pet, foster a pet can be a small step for you to try. Introducing a new member to the household might take time for non-pet family.

Fostering a cat means that you agree to take a homeless cat into your home and take good care of him or her.

You would be responsible for his or her caring, daily life, and attention for a temporary time until the cat is adopted.

The living spaces would be changed somehow for a little creature. Also, the household must be suitable and comfortable for a cat to live in.

You can contact a rescue group or shelter near you.

They would be very happy to receive your contact.

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