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It is a huge decision for adoption as well as foster.


It takes lots of effort, care, patient and love for becoming a foster home. A foster home should be deal with many kinds of different cats and dogs from wherever they came. Those rescued cats and dogs might have lots of health concerns, either mentally or physically. Before becoming a foster home, there are some important points you should consider carefully:


  1. Plenty experiences and knowledge of taking care of cats or dogs

Mostly, rescued felines might be in illness or under recovering from illness. It is important to observe and recognize the signs and symptoms of common illness so you can seek veterinary for help at the shortest time. For instances, you would like to think of infection or Feline Parvovirus when they are having diarrhea or vomiting, catching cold might have Feline Calicivirus or Chlamydia.

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  1. Isolated room for fostering cats or dogs

Make sure there are isolated space for those cats and dogs from shelters. Some of them might need to be alone to recover from the illness, while others might need to stay in health. If there were your pets in house, you might want to separate their living spaces, so the healthy one wouldn’t get ill.

  1. From Foster home to forever home

Before taking cats and dogs from the shelter or rescue station, you should fully understand the situation of cats or dogs and the living spaces, condition and financial condition for guarantee their health before they find forever home. When sending them to forever home, you should check the background information of adopter to see if they are able to take care of cats or dogs in their lifetime, and keep in touch with the adopters as well as keep update about cats and dogs.

 Felines are having a  meal and dig in.

If this is the first time of fostering a cat or dog, you might like to consider these points really seriously. Fostering a cat or a dog is never easy and might be complicated. Take the cats and dogs only it is affordable for you.

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