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Thanksgiving holiday is coming and Christmas holiday is right after it.
During the holiday,
We might fly back to hometown to gather around with our family.
We might fly to other city to visit our friends.
We might go to other city for having a relax vacation.


but what about our baby cat?
Bring them with us is an idea, but it might cause much troubles right?
So finding a nice cat boarding for our cat would be a nice plan b.

Here we pick up 3 amazing cat boarding which only service to cat:

cat boarding room
cat, feline

Located in Irvine City with below benefits:
Live Webcam
With Club Cat’s live cat boarding webcam, you can watch your kitty cat 24/7 in her luxury cat hotel suite.

Resort Amenities & Treatments
Paw-icures, Fur Therapy, Salon Playtime, toys, cuddles, and so much more to choose from to meet kitty cat’s unique needs. Club Cat is no ordinary cat kennel!

Provide catflix(like Netflix but for cats). Let cat watch their favorite shows to enhance their visual stimulation and reduce boredom and depression.
The suite is designed for the curious kitty cat who fancies a change of scenery from time to time. It’s truly an out-of-suite experience!

Suites (not cages!)
Club Cat’s hotel suites are spacious, comfortable, and built for nine-livers who crave a transformative cat boarding experience.

The price per night starts from $35!

Address: 1360 Reynolds Avenue #120 Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: (949) 988-3999 
Email: info@clubcatusa.com

2.CAT’S MEOW RESORTcat boarding room
feline boarding room
cat perch on the floating shelf

With Three different designing cat room, the cat’s meow resort designs the cat room for different age cats. No matter what size, age, or disposition your cat may be, there is a room perfectly suited for them.
For example: With a Largest space, the Serengeti room is suited for 3 sibling cats live together or an active cat. The room has an array of climbing towers, swinging ladders, scratching posts, hammocks, new catnip toys and upholstered bedding. It’s also equipped a kitty cam in this room.

The price is started from $40/day.

Address: (near Animal General)
300 Country Club Road Avon, CT, 06001 United States
Phone: (860) 404-5841
Email: catsmeowresort@gmail.com


3.Meow Market
cat tree in the cat room and a cat is on window perch
hexagon cat tree
cat 3-story room condo

In meow market, they offered suite and condo.
In suite, Each has a free CatCAM, cage-free playtime, their own window to bird watch, a window perch, wall shelves/beds, cat tree, toys.

In condo, it’s a 3-story room. Large & comfy for any feline! Cage-free playtime, free CatCAM's for Play Atrium & Main Areas available!
The price is started from $35/day for suite, and $30/day for condo.

Address: 98 Nelson Dr, Newport News, VA 23601
Phone: 757.828.6369
Email: info@themeowmanor.com

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