3 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Warm in Winter

Winter is coming, and do you prepare well for your Furbaby cat
3 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Warm in Winter

1️⃣A WARM and COZY catbed


Provide a large space, those big cats (over 30lb) are totally fine in ALPHA.



A wall mounted cat bed design, saving space and catering to the cat's needs.
Gamma could also put on the ground as a floor cat bed.
Moreover, the 4 air holes on ALPHA and GAMMA creates better air circulation, but keep its warm.

2️⃣Feed much more protein than summer time.
Cats will need more protein in winter to keep their body energy.

3️⃣Brush them frequently
When fall hits, your cat begins shedding so that he can grow a thick winter coat.
Brushing them frequently to help them stay hygienic and comfortable.