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Thinking to get a bigger house for lovely #felines?ūüŹ†

Wall-mounted cat shelves can be a decoration of the wall.

All you need is a clean wall, and cat furniture designed by MYZOO!

Decorate your wall with floating cat shelves.

A simple wall can turn into a huge #catplayground as there are cat beds on it.

Busycat can add the resting spot or sleeping spot on the wall.

Busycat is also the perfect hiding space by adding a cover plate.

Zone would be a great connection between each sleeping spots.

There are 4 holes on Busycat so they can walk through.

Little Spying EyeūüĎÄ

The wall would be extended the vertical world so felines can go up and down, jump and hop to find their favorite spot.ūüĎÄ

There is a big opening so they see things clearly.

Superhighway Never Ends

Zone can create a long cat walkway and expand the avenue for running.

They would be able to chase, run and jump. Imagine how vivid and playful will it be if there are cats in your home!ūüĆľ

Cat lovers would be so amazed by new cat furniture.

Cats would also have a chance to climb up and look down from the height.

Busycat and Zone are both big enough to sit and lay on it.

The best part is Zone can be built in various ways according to every cat‚Äôs habits!ūüźĪ

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