Monochrome Cat Wall Designed by Kate from Hauspanther x Myzoo

Appreciate that Kate mount Myzoo cat shelves in a piece of the wall in her office. This is the first collaboration with Hauspanther!

Being an expert of cat behavior, Kate has plenty experiences of enriching the environment for them. She designed the whole cat wall, walkway, direction, and arrangement all by herself! How exclusive is that!

Three black cats are running on the cat wall.

It is efficient to make good use of the wall with Busycat and small steppers when you have three cats. Cats might tend to chase and race after one another, so enough entrances might be lot more important. With the 4 round entries on the sides, Busycat is highly recommended for multi-cat households since there would at least 2 ways in the cat superhighway.

The black cats are hiding in the white cat shelves.

There is no dead end in the cat superhighway which would could be safe for them. It is optional to add a cover to the Busycat, they could hide themselves or hang their heads from the inside of Busycat. After adding covers on Busycat, they could be a enclosure shelter for them to hide or rest. It is safe for them to rub their faces on the cover since the round edges cause no harm.


Felines could climb all the way up high with the small steppers to reach the Spaceship Gamma at the highest spot where they could enjoy the best view through the big clear window at the front.

A black cat is sitting relaxingly in a white spaceship Gamma cat bed.

It is always satisfying to add soft cushion or matt on the top of Busycat or inside of it for extra comfy. Even though the cleaning could be so easy with a wet cloth for Busycat, adding an extra matt on the top could save lots of work by simply replacing with a new matt.



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