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Make grooming as enjoyable as possible for fur babies!

As you know most cats hate baths, it always has a tough fight between the groomer and cats. So, it leads cats to resist having a bath more.
But what if we build some positive connection with grooming? Let fur babies have a playground to play while they’re waiting for grooming, it can also release their nervousness and anxiety a bit. After grooming, they can keep playing and making friends with other cats if they want, breeders don’t have to pick up their cats in a hurry as well. It's a win-win situation.
A shorthair is waiting for its salon, there're some oak hexagon cat shelves and cat bridge behind the cat.
an american shorthair sit on the sofa looking at another 3 cats on the cat wall, which has some oak hexagon floating cat shelves, cad bed, a black star shape cat step, cat bridge on it.

Make Use of The Staircase Wall

5 american shorthairs playing and exploring on 4 black oak hexagon floating cat shelves combined together, which looks like honeycomb.


If you have wide enough staircase, it’s a good place for building a cat wall there. Because you don’t have to put another on/off steps or platform to be as an entry and exit points. Cats can literary climb the stairs to the height they want and jump up onto wall-mounted products.

Decorate your wall with floating cat shelves, a simple wall can turn into a huge and entertaining cat playground immediately.
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