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 What would you do with a plain wall?

A living room contains a vertical cat wall with mounting wooden cat furniture on the white wall.


The pawrents decided to save the wall for their fur babies.

We received the request of building a cat wall and a customized cat bridge for this project.

The cat shelves started from the bottom of the wall and reach to the ceiling, connected with the cat bridges.


Wooden made cat shelves mount on a white wall with a cat bridge acrossed.

They want to create an indoor night sky with Luna, Twinkle, and Moku.

The wall kickstart with Busycat as their first step, and Gamma as a resting spot in the middle of the layout. 

A cat bridge across the other side of window.

They could choose to keep going up to the Luna and cross over to the window side with the cat bridge and enjoy the best view at the high spot.

Felines enjoy the view, and pawrents enjoy the toe beans from the acrylic bottom!


Do you like the cat bridge? Comment down below to tell us!



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