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There are 2 hooman, 1 dog, and 5 cats in Mrs. Lin ‘s household. The Lin’s decided to renovate this old house into a pet friendly household to escalate the living environment.

The living room with dog-cat family.

Meet their need

They learned June Design when going in a pet-friendly restaurant.

The most prior need is a home for every fur baby – Pet First! They hope there are enough spaces for them to run and play.

Also, they need bigger bathroom to clean up all the fur babies, and a larger room to contain all the toys and stuff.


Before & After

Before and after the room makeover for dog-cat family
After taking off the division, the room spaces look wider.

Before and after the kitchen makeover for dog-cat family.

The living room and kitchen space is filling up with sunshine.
Taking the bathtub to have a bigger room in bathroom.

Before and after the bathroom makeover for dog-cat family.


Room Tour


The entryway contains hidden cat litter box under the grey shoe shelves.

There are lots of routes and jumping spots in every corner, and there is a cat litter box at the corner.


Living room

L-shape cat walkway under the ceiling can be a cat superhighway.

The L-shape cat walkway surrounded under the ceiling is extra running space for felines in the whole living room.

There is a small entry with little Lack for them to get in the game. They choose clear Lack to make the space look less crowded.

 The clear Lack cat stepper can make the space looks less crowded.


There is a dog cave under the middle island bar table.

There is a small cave under the middle island bar for the dog to stay, and a glass cat house aside the kitchen so cats and dogs can have their own territory.

The glass cat house is semi-opened with the hollow round holes for felines. CAT ONLY! There is also a spaceship Gamma inside the cat house adding a touch of fun for them to play.

Pet Parents can look after the dog and cats while making them a big feast!

A clear glass cat house aside the kitchen.

Living with both dogs and cats would take a lot of effort and spaces to look after them. A makeover on the space would satisfy every members in the household.

 The room makeover for a dog-cat family

A cat look out of the round window of the glass cat house.



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