The owner, Mr. Lin & Ms. Cong, a loved-up couple just had their first baby. They live with two lovely cats originally, but now, since baby was born, they decided to rebuild the room and provide a comfort environment for their baby and cats.

A baby wear a blue dinosaur design onesie, lay on the ground


Mr. & Mrs. Lin wants a room that can let their baby hang out or rest with cats, there’re two points need to be noticed, one is not putting any cat steps or shelves that the distance from the ground to steps less than 23’, to avoid children get bump into it and get hurt. Another one is putting some scratch proof mats allow baby to crawl. Since those two cats like to scratch on everything, so we must select scratch proof material.


Two cats in this case, Q mei and Yami, they are both young cats, energic and lively. Yami is naughty and adventurous likes to chase Q mei, to prevent from the dead end of the cat walkway that may lead Q mei has nowhere to escape, it's essential to build multiple routes for them.

Two cats stay at wall mounted cat shelves which are hexagon shape

1. Starting Point of Superhighway

For rebuilding the room, we use Lack-R as a starting point and put a Bucycat chair on the floor, not only for human to sit on but can be as a platform to assist cat jump up to the high place.

an orange cat sits on a hexagonal prism chair, two round cat steps mounted on the wall

2. Multiple Lanes

Owner hopes that there will be no traffic jam between two cats, so install some BUSYCATS is helpful. It has 4 holes on each side, which creates multiple lanes for cats. Cats can freely choose a route they want to proceed. Also, Owner can play with cats from different directions, make more fun when teasing.

3. Transparent Cat Steps connect two sides of wall

Connect two walls with cat perches, cat superhighway never ends. Make cats walk on the furniture conveniently, don't have to jump down to the floor and find another way to jump up onto the other wall.

A white cat and a tabby cat stand on the brown wodden cat shelves staring at each other.


A room with blue geometric shapes painted on the wall, a white bookcase, some wooden wall mounted cat shelves

From the wall to the mat, we choose mist blue, white and gray to be the basic color. Paint the wall with geometric shape to inspire children’s creativity and imagination.

The geometric shape on the wall look like mountains, what’s the reason for not having a cloud, star, and moon to match mountains? The design make the entire room style elegant with childishness.

Place a cabinet and some hanging bookshelves to storage the books and toys and give cats a place to hide and rest.

The room is designed for baby could rest and play with cats together, when baby is learning to crawl, there must be a soft mat to protect him from injuries. So, we pick up Japanese brand- TOLI’s mat which can also prevent cats from scratching.

Start to build a cat friendly environment for cats and people you love!



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