A Cat Playground for Multi-Cat Family | Room Makeover | MYZOO

Set a special place for our #felines!

A big cat playground allows cats jumping and hiking indoor.

Adding Vertical Space

Wall-mounted #catfurniture can bring felines up onto the ceiling.

It is possible to satisfy their climbing nature in the house.

ZONE can be set up from the bottom of the wall, and get higher and higher gradually.

It can be installed at any position and direction of the wall.

 Floating Cat board can install freely in various ways.

Flexibility & Playful

It’s flexible and playful to bond the floating shelves together with Zone.

They can be all connected to be a cat walkway.🤩

Just like a ladder on the wall, Zone allows the cat to climb and lunge up high till they find a favorite spot.👑

Floating cat bed allows cats to lay on it or walking on it even there are two cats on it at the same time.

Large Size

The length and width are big enough for them to lay or relax on it.🧶 It is 11.8in deep and 29.52in long. The size would keep them safe and #catify!.

The size is big enough for a 17lb cat lay on it.

It will be no difficulties when two cats meet on the Zone!

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