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Nini is a maine coon that lives with two big dogs.

A Maine coon sits on a table waiting for its food, there's a cat bowl in front of it.

A Samoyed looks at the camera with its tongue sticking out.

When her owner came to consult us, she mentioned, because the dogs are energetic, the house is not suitable for putting any floor-standing cat tree. Also even Nini gets along well with the dogs, they still hope there is a place exclusively for Nini. It’s because they consider that one of the natural instincts of cats is they like to stay at the high place.

Space For Cat Wall

To build a cat wall for Nini in a width 106" - height 55" space is not an easy thing. The space is not quite big, but it’s “suitable” for building the cat wall.

How come?

  1. Maine coon cat is a sweet and friendly breed, they enjoy spending the time with their human. And the living room is the place where the family spend most of the time in a day.
  2. Because there is a sofa, we can use it as a step for cat. It not only saves the budget but also saves more floor space.

So MYZOO design team and the owner still decided to choose that wall.

Layout Plan & Product Introduction

After checked all the basic information, we started designing the layout, we put an Oblong, Busycat, Luna, Star, Moku, and Gamma on the wall.

The Oblong- a walkway that cats could walk, rest, and see from the top.

A Maine coon sits on a cat step with transparent acrylic board.

The busycat- it has 4 holes on each side, which provides multiple lanes for cats. It could also be the perfect hiding space by adding a cover plate, cats would like to stay longer in the space where nobody can bother them easily.

The Luna- a big floating cat shelf that the depth and width are big enough for a maine coon.

A maine coon sits on a moon shape cat bed and a star shape post is above its back.

The star, a good-looking decoration with sisal rope that provides a place for Nini to scratch.

We have a moon and a star now, how can it be without a cloud?

The moku- a cloud shaped step, it’s like the Oblong, they both have a transparent board allow people who sit under the sofa to see cat’s lovely paws and belly clearly.

A maine coon sticks its head and front body out of a brown capsule cat bed.

The Gamma- The round shape acrylic dome would let them love to cuddle, rest and sleep in it, four air holes keep space well-ventilated. It has two way to use: wall-mounted or place on the floor.

A Maine coon stay in a capsule shape cat bed and put its forefoot on a acrylic board looking down.

The exclusive cat wall for Nini is done!

A Maine coon lies on a blue sofa and looks at wall mounted cat shelves on the wall.

MYZOO can help with planning and customizing the room according to your cat’s status, budget, specific needs, make your room more aesthetic and functional.

Let's build a cat-friendly room for both you and your cats!



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