Catification For an Elder & A Kitten | Renovation Plan

Before being a pawrent of two fur babies, Yu was not cat lover until she met a wounded cat, Gib. After finding out Gib got FIV, Yu couldn’t let Gib go back to the street, so she took care of him. Yu adopted Kuli recently for being accompany with Gib.

Myzoo decided to build a vertical cat playground friendly for both. It is designed to be safe, adventurous, and playful.

Differences between 2 cats

There are some differences between Gib and Kuli. Gib is an elder cat who is a bit timid and shy, while Kuli is one-year-old cat, who is more active and curious.

A white cat lean on a hexagon cat perches made by Myzoo design


The design team decided built a cat playground which is safe for them to jump, climb, and hide, but also adventurous and playful. The lanes and levels are closer to each piece so it could be less difficult to run on. Cat perches are used for connecting two sides of wall and building the continual cat walkway at the same time.

A continual cat walkway of two sides of wall was created with cat shelves.


Yu is a big fan of green color. We decided to bring a jungle in her space. We choose to add a dark green to create the wildness and nature look for this room. It goes perfectly right with the wooden cat furniture.

A bed room with wall-mounted cat shelves.

Having a vertical playground to run, jump, and hide is not impossible at all. A cat walkway should consider everyone's needs while keeping floor spaces, besides, they make the room look modern and stylish.

The room is warm up the small lighting bulbs.

Myzoo always choose the best quality for them and you so that these items would last long enough.

Start to build a cat wall for them!!



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I just stumbled upon your site and am obsessed! I’ve got a elder and a young “Wile E. Coyote” kitten! They get the zoomies at night and race around. Can you offer design options or, do I purchase the Design kit, figure out a layout and then order?

Cynthia Goebel May 27, 2022

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