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We sometimes find our cats kneading on a cushion, a blanket, or on our laps and belly.

When they are kitten, they need to paw on their mother's tummies to get the milk flow from their teats.

Kneading is an act that cats keep pawing on a soft stuff in a slow motion.

This acting is also famously known as 'making biscuits'.

The act of kneading makes them think of their kitten-hood.

After getting elder, some cats might still keep the same movement while they feel comfortable and happy. The movement relates their memories when they are with their mothers!

 A white cat laying on the wooden shelf.

WHY do they knead?

Related with Kitten-hood Memories

Some felines have had the memories during kitten-hood.

Some were feed by cat mothers, kneading made them think of good old days when they were still under mothers' embrace.

These good memories have become one of their way to express their joy and happiness.

They would knead on wherever makes them happy, like a cozy cushion, blanket, your laps, and belly. 


Marking Territory

It's a compliment!

What an honor to accept kneading from our fur babies!

While they are kneading on you, they are not only happy, but marking their scents on you to show other cats that you belongs to them.

They'll leave their scents when kneading, some show their paws. That means they trust on you and make you part of their territory.


Stress Release

The affection during the act lead them to happiness and relaxation.

Just like scratching, they release their stress while kneading.

The movement allow them to relax in the most pleasure and comfort, and stretch out their body at the same time.

An orange cat kneads on a grey pillow.


Finding Mate

Female cats tend to purr, stretch, or knead to show they are ready for possible mate. Some of them would bite a toy at the same time and show more affection than usual.


Create Nest

Wild feline ancestors would knead and paw tall grassed to create a nest for themselves to rest.

By pawing and knead on grass and leaves, they can own a comfort bed and also to make sure the safety of their nest, ensure there are nothing dangerous.

Kneading  is part of their instinctual behaviors for our feline friends, the behavior can be traced back to their wild feline ancestors.

If kneading didn't hurt you, try not to stop them kneading.

It's an original and instinctual behavior of our feline babies!

It is the way how they show their love toward you!



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