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Feline is a creature full of emotions, yet they rarely tell us.

The tail, however, is everything.

Cats can express their emotions through their tails whenever they are happy, frightened, angry, or relaxed.

Their tails are like a slight indicator of their moods at that moment.

You can recognize cat's emotion through cat's body language, which they would show through out their tails, gestures, eyes, and whiskers, sometimes.

By knowing cat's body language, you can get along with them emotionally, and  physically.

The most common position of tails --
 Straight Up High 

It means they are happy and friendly.

 Straight Up with a Question Mark or a Hook at The End 

Saying they are friendly and happy to interact with you.

 Straight Down 

It might be a mood of aggression, you better watch out. 

You won't like to engage to them at this place.

 Tuck/ Curve Under or Around Their Body 

They tuck tails beneath their body means they are nervous.

Or maybe they are waiting for you to get close to them.


 Swishing Side to Side Slowly 

Their eyes are on the prize. It often happens when they saw a toy or snack.


When puffing their tails, their would arch their back as well.

It simply means, LEAVE ME ALONE!


Learning cat's body language is not difficult while very useful and important for owners.

You can know how to react with them correctly by reading their moods through cat's body language.

Also, you would identify your felines babies health condition at the first place.


Cat's body language is the must learned lesson for all cat lovers, as you can build a more caring, loving, and trusting relationship with them.


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