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Most cats sleep more than 10 hours a day, and nearly 40% cats sleep more than 18 hours per day. New-born kittens and elder cats tend to sleep up to 20 hours.

Being a predator, they have extraordinary energy needs for hunting, and use great amount of energy to pounce, stalk, and wrestle their favorite toy. They sleep multiple times each day rather than in one, long period. The average of napping period is 78 minutes. However, the commonly sleep of periods of time ranging from 50 to 113 minutes.

While sleeping, they like to curl up like a ball. This could help them relax and resilient muscle and bone. The position helps them to retain body heat when sleeping as well. Some like to sleep in the dark corner, some might like to sleep at height spots to feel secured.

Inspired by their sleeping habits, Myzoo create the resting spots that is ergonomic for their health and functional for long-term used.

A cat sleeping peacefully on Luna, the moon-shaped cat shelf.

  • Solar & Luna

With a curved and deep platform, Solar and Luna would be their favorite napping spot. They could curl up on the large panel to rest or sleep. The large panel includes grooved wooden for them to rub their faces, snuggle, and leave their scent on it so they would get more used of the beds. Solar and Luna are great to set on the vertical cat wall as a destination where they might fight for it.

An orange cat is sleeping on Solar, the sun-shaped cat shelf, and others are looking at the cat bed.

A white cat is sleeping quietly on Solar, the sun-shaped cat shelf.


New-born British Shorthair kittens are playing around the Spaceship cat bed.s

  • Spaceship Series

Spaceship series are designed to meet their natural sleeping habit. The design concept of Spaceship series came from the sleeping position cat love. They curled up their body like a ball. Spaceship series choose the Pine wood as the main material to keep them cool in the hot days, and warm in the cold days. There are 4 ventilation holes for better air circulation while they are in it.

A grey British Shorthair is about to fell asleep in Spaceship Alpha.

Spaceship Alpha includes 2 large clear windows aside and could be placed on the floor and suit for multi-cat households.

Two kittens are rolling their bellies while sleeping.

Spaceship Gamma could be both placed on the floor or mounted on the wall. It would be a forever bed as they can get used it as a normal cat bed when they are kittens and play or rest when they are adult cats.


Felines gain most energy through sleeping. Sleeping really do matters to them! They could sleep in a random cardboard box. But the sleeping quality would elevate if they could sleep in a safe, comfy, and ergonomic cat bed that fit their body perfectly.


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