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The situation has been totally different due to the pandemic.

We have changed the living habits somehow, especially the way we work.

Most people were asked to work at home under the health concern.

Working from home could be complicated while feeling happy to accompany with pets at home.

There could be lots of interesting things happened while working from home.

Here are some tips for those pet lovers who work from home:


  1. Set a Work Zone

To stay focus and keep the working vibe as same as when working in the office, organizing a work zone is essential. We can be concentrated only when we are at the working spot instead of sofa, beds, or any spots that make us comfy.

While organizing a working spot, don’t forget to set a little spot for felines around the working spot. Cats would be so excited that you are home with them. They would distract you as hard as they could!

 Set cat shelves above the working zone for #WFH due to COVID-19.

You can set cat shelves above the working zone or simply put a carton box beside the desk, so felines would feel secured.

  1. Feed Felines First

You would like to feed the felines first before you have your meal. Don’t make them wait. Keep them full and you can enjoy your meal or online lunch meeting without any distraction.

  1. Take a Short Break with Them

Don’t miss the chance of staying home which allows you play with them! It’s stress released if you can have a short break with cats.

Snuggling or cuddling in a few minutes would boast up the working efficiency and refresh your mind and thoughts. Just remember go back to your job!

Cat lovers play with felines while #WFH.

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