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It should be the first questions coming to animal lovers who are thinking to own dogs and cats at the same time.

It might difficult to get them along.

However, NOTHING is impossible.

They can get along well, or even become best friends!

Here are tips for dog-cat family.


3 Ways to get dogs and cats together


  1. Keep their own territory for themselves

First step to get them stay together is to create their own territory.

It is better to set the space separately for them to eat, play and sleep.

Both dogs and cats are sensitive with scents. They have strong protection for their own territory. If the spaces got mixed up, dogs and cats might get fight easily.

One of the best ways to separate their space is to set a high resting spot for cats and a lower one for dogs. Higher resting spots for cats would please them since climbing and perching are their own nature.

Once the spaces are separated, cats and dogs won’t fight for the territory.

This is the first ice-breaking move for their friendship.

Felines stay up high on wooden cat shelves

  1. Introduce with the scent before meeting

As mentioned, pets have high sensitivity in scent. They love to mark scent at their own spaces, toys, or owners. Before your dogs and cats meet in person, you can get their toys or blankets full of their scents for the others to smell and get used of it. If they can know each other’s scents, they might get together better at the first sight.

Cats and owners stay together happily with the accompany of cat-friendly furniture.

  1. Reward them when they get along well

It’s the most important step of all – treat them well when they are behaving great. It’s our ultimate goal to have them accompany with each other. We can reward them with compliments, treats, or snack to encourage them keep the behavior. It’s important to lesson them that staying harmony with each other is the right thing.

 Treat them with snacks when dogs and cats get along well

It takes a lot of efforts to have both dogs and cats in household. By knowing their natures and personality, pet lovers can create a dog-cat family gets everyone closer together.


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