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1. Make sure the cat has a place where dog can never reach.

Thought you might lucky, your cat and dog get along well. 
You still need to provide a place where the cat can always go and dog can never reach.
Because chasing is a natural canine instinct, it still has the chance that the dog chase cat.
We sure can teach our dog not chasing cat but after all they are animal.
We will not want to see the accident happened.
So before that happen, we should well prepared by providing a place for cats to avoid the dog’s chasing.

Moreover, thought you might feel that cat and dog get along well, in fact it’s might just cat bear with dog.
In a long-term way, the cat is under a high-pressure situation every single day.
So provide a place where he can stay alone is also a way to let him feel release.

Where the place should be? Just any place which is high.
Like put a cat tree in you house or several floating shelves.
Remember the height should be at least 1.5 times height of your dog’s height (measure from 2 legs stand on the ground to the point of hand)
And remember the place should be let cats easily jump on it.

2.Don’t force any of them to get along soon.
If you find either of them are frightened or aggressive, stop the meeting and try it later. Be patient about it.

3.Use a leash on dog or a baby gate to separate your dog and cat.
At the first few weeks, you should let them interact under your supervision.
A leash or a baby gate can separate your dog and cat, but they still can see or sniff each other. Give cat some time to observe the dog, and let dog lose its interest in cat or being stable when he sees the cat.

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