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These are some tips for placing a cat litter box that you might miss out.

Cat litter box is a must for owning a cat.

Do you have these problems?

Cats won't go into the cat litter box.

Cats pee anywhere rather than in the litter box.

They sometimes even pee in my bed.


It's the very first question pet parents might run into.

Cat litter box can be located at a corner or near to the wall.

Make sure litter box is fat away from their bowl.

If your cats keep peeing at the same spot outside of the litter box, you should consider to move the litter box over there -- it is worth a try.

If they suddenly pee on your bed or closet, it is a hidden message of bad moods, depression, or anger from them

You could take them to veterinary or pay more attention on them during the daily life.


How Many

How many litter boxes should you prepare?

You can prepare one litter box when owning the first cat.

When owning more than one cat, you might have to prepare a new litter box.

Cats are sensitive to the scents. They marked their scents wherever they passed.

It is better to have one extra litter box(n+1) accordingly to the cats you own(n).

It will be like, 2 boxes for 1 cat, 3 boxes for 2 cats. It goes up from there.



We all know cats are one the creatures that love neat and clean.

They prefer a clean place to do their business. I mean, who don't?

Cleaning litter is an importance task for cat lovers.

It's better to scoop and toss the litter every day, if you are using clumpiing litter.

Clean and wash the litter box regularly with fresh water and refill fresh litter.

Also, keep the litter about 3-4 inches tall, so they can swipe and cover up the litter if they like to.


Where to place a litter box is as important as which cat litter should use for cats.

It's never too late to move the litter box to the right place!


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