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A purrfect cat wall should be composed with a resting spot & steppers!  

It is really important but seldom be mentioned that placing several steppers is as important as setting a resting spots.

Resting spots are like the final goal/ destination for felines, while steppers and stairs are the path that they could get to the destination.

The final destination should be tempting enough for felines to get in. 

As a destination, Gamma is a great temptation for most felines.

It is everything a cat is asking for.

💡Round Shaped: There is a big opening and 4 little ventilation holes. Cats can curl themselves inside of it.
💡Two-way Bed: It can be either hung up on the wall or placed on the floor. Felines love to stay up high or hide in a dark place.
💡Clear View: Felines can enjoy the best view through clear dome from their special seat high up on the wall. Cat parents would worry no more about the danger of cats after having a Gamma!

The final destination should high enough, so felines would love to reach and get in.

To reach the “upper circle”, some stairs might be helpful.

Some stairs and steppers in between the resting spots and the ground would be helpful and encourage felines climb up high.

Here are some recommendation for creating a complete cat wall.

In Basic set series, we add stepping types of cat shelves with Gamma.

☑Lack (S) suits small cats or kittens.
☑Lack (M) is bigger that allows bigger cats to step on.
☑The half-round shaped Lack can bring a cute vibe to the room
☑Clear Lack is highly recommended for those who have a colorful painting or darker wallpaper on the wall.

It’s always alternative to add some more steppers and stairs onto the wall if your cats needed!

The more steppers added to the cat wall, the more interesting and challenging it would be for felines!

Get more information about creating a cat wall.

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