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Thinking about to own a cat?

What types of breed are under your consideration, a Maine Coon, Ragdoll, American Short Hair, British Short Hair, or Birman?

Besides thinking of different types of cats, you should also think of cat litter problems at the same time.

It is cats’ nature that they pee and poo on the sand and burry them up; It’s also their nature that they would like to keep themselves dry and clean all the time.

You should start to take this issue seriously if you’re thinking to owing your first feline buddy.

To make sure you and your cats could live together happily, you must get a litter box to create a cat-friendly space.

Different cats have different preferences. Cat litter box can be very different, open or enclosure, top entrance or side entrance, every option would lead you to find a perfect cat litter box for your cat and you!


Types of Litter Boxes

The basic type of litter box is an open up one. Cats can easily hop into the litter box and come out after they’ve done their job. There are differences between a low and high entry litter box:


  • Low Entry Litter Box:

If your cats need to get used to the litter box, low entry litter box might help them get comfort with using litter box. The entry would be low enough for kitten or short-leg cats, like Munchkin cat or Dwarf cat, or some aged cats, better for their knees and health.



  • High Entry Litter Box:

High entry litter usually have three tall sides to hold the litter and mess inside of the box. Tall entry would be useful for large cats with long legs, especially the ones love to kick and dig after they finished. Due to their nature, some cats love to spray the litter over urination or defecation afterwards. The litter box could keep all the mess while it’s tall enough so the space could be clean and nit as well.



Cats are cave-living animals, staying in dark and enclosed places make them feel ease and comfortable.

Enclosed litter box might could help them be more comfortable when they are in needs. Covered litter box covers up litter and contain odor and the mess inside the box, and litter tracking would not be out of it.

  • Front-entry Covered Litter Box:

Most common litter box you might find, it’s like an open litter box covered with top case. Cats could get in through the front entry, the upper case is removable so owners could clean dirty litter easily.



  • Top-Entry Covered Litter Box:

Instead of front entrance, the entrance would be on the removable case so litter would keep inside of the box.

Since the opening is on the top case, dogs wouldn't have the chances to eat poop in litter for dog-cats home.

Top entry litter box is highly recommended for family with dogs and kids.


  • Cat Litter Box Cabinet:

Like an upgrade version of covered litter box, litter box cabinet transform litter box to a cabinet, with an enclosed door and entry holes.

The enclosed door leaves cat a nice and quiet spot, and can avoid the odor spread widely into the spaces as well.

Cats could get in and enjoy their private time secretly without being interrupted or distracted by others. To make sure the pleasant when cleaning litter box cabinet, the holes for ventilation is the key for both cats and cat guardian.

Cats might refuse to get inside of a dark, smelly, small place, so do humans. Most covered litter boxes have one entry only, which might cause the sense of tension if the entry was stuck accidentally.

A two-way entry litter box cabinet can solve the problems, and suit for multi-cat family or dog-cat homes.



To own a cat is one thing, to live happily with cats is another.

A perfect cat litter box is not only a litter box, but a cat furniture brings every member closer with each other.

Let's build a home which is friendly for all!

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