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Cats are probably going to use human furniture as a lane of traffic, in fact, they usually do. If you can’t stop them, why don’t we take advantage of those furniture?

Multiple Lanes and Levels !

Take a look at this case, there are four lanes of traffic- the floor, the sofa, the bookcase, and the TV stand, all these lanes incorporate both cat use and human use, obviously, the bookcase is for human to put books on, but it’s also incorporated into the superhighway.

With this bookcase, on the one hand there's no need to put another cat bridge to connect with other cat furniture, on the other hand you don't have to move it away. The sofa and TV stand are as on/off ramps, which let your cat access to the superhighway.

2 moon shape cat beds and 5 hexagon cat shelves mounted on the wall, a bookshelf is between them

A tabby cat sit in a wooden hexagon cat shelf, a moon shape cat bed is on it's right side

When designing the layout of each case, MYZOO always consider every object in the room, and how it cooperates with cat use furniture, to make it less change, more efficiency.

MYZOO can help with planning and customizing the room according to your cat’s status, budget, specific needs, make your room more aesthetic and functional.

Let's build a cat-friendly room for both you and your cats!



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