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If you haven't make up your mind whether to adapt a cat or foster one, you can go check out our suggestion -- How can I own a cat?

After owning a cat in your house, there might have lots of jobs need to done and changes might effect to you.

Taking good care of cats might lead you to more enjoyable life with felines.

Here are some tips to help the cats get alone closer and getting used to the new surroundings.


Meal Time

One of the most important issues, and probably they care the most -- meal time.

Cats are creatures of habits. We pet parents can take this advantage to build up the routine to feed them by schedule.

  • How many times should they eat in a day?

Feeding them twice in a day, and 12 hours apart two meals would be the best.

 It could be breakfast, lunch, afternoon, or dinner. It would be convenient for pet parents to feed.

Keep in mind that you would like to feed them up before having your own meal.

This could prevent them from getting close to human food -- which might be a danger for their health.

  • Where should the pet bowls be?

The pet bowls could be set at the same location for enhancing the security for felines.

Locate the pet bowls at the same place could help to build their habits as well.

It is better to let them have their own bowls and not mix up with others.

Also, placing the bowls away from the litter box is also vital.

No one would have good appetite when a litter box is aside.

You would like to keep the bowl up high when there are dogs to keep the food safe in a dog-cat family.


Private Time

After a big meal, they'd need their 'private time'.

When mentioning private time, felines need a clean and quiet space to 'do their jobs'. 

Some might be picky for types of cat litter or litter box.

It is simple if you have only one cat in the household.

  • How many cat litter boxes should I prepare in the house?

It is recommended to have a cat litter box for each cat, and better to have one extra more (n+1) litter box than actual cats (n) you own.

If you own two cats, three cat litter boxes would be the best for them.

  • Where should the litter box be?

Felines are sensitive to the scents.

It would be better to keep the litter boxes distant among each litter boxes.

Imagine smelling other's urine and feces while you're doing your job.

No one would like the experiences, don't we?



There is a saying that felines live longer when they stay indoor.

Most home cats stay indoor most of their time in these days.

They are having a comfort life with plenty of food, sleeping and love.

But lack of exercises.

Cats are fond of upward and downward movements, which are in their blood and bones.

  • Build a vertical cat playground indoor would keep them occupied and courage them to exercise more.

They would be busy and having fun even we pet parents are out of house.

Also, keeping them occupied during the day makes them sleep better in the night.

That means we can (finally) have a better sleep in the night as well.

Building a cat wall can be simple and easy.

There are types of book shelves with layers descended from the top to the bottom.

You can also simply combine different heights of shelves separately.

Here are more cases for room makeover inspiration.

Or you can discuss your ideal cat playground with our FREE design service.



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