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Here is the holiday gift ideas for all cat lovers!


This is the season for greetings! Shop the gifts for your cat lover friends, for yourself, and the most important, for furr babies!

These would be the purrfect gifts and surprise that they would never forget.


👇Here are some tips to choose the gifts based on the budget👇


Budget under $100



Round Sisal Scratcher Post

Made with firm sturdy round wood post, Cylinder is tangled up with sisal ropes that cats would be crazy with and a sturdy wooden post which would make the scratcher post steady and durable.

The Cylinder cat scratcher could be not only place on the ground but mounted on the wall as well to increase the usages ways.

The best design is that the middle post could be either replaced or extended with the replace piece made by Myzoo.

This would be the gift that every Cat lover need!


Budget from $100-$150

Busycat White

Hexagon cat shelf with 4 entries can create various direction for the cat walkway. It would be aesthetic and elegant to have Busycat wall-mounted cat shelf at home. The white color Busycat is very holiday vibe.

Gamma White

Adding Spaceship Gamma as a destination of the cat walkway would attract them reaching up onto the cat wall more often. They would be love to take over that Spaceship Gamma where they can sleep, observe, lay and roll inside. Spaceship Gamma is the ultimate cat bed that every pawrent would love!

Star Scratcher

A star-styled cat scratcher looks like just the star on the Christmas tree! The wooden crafted star is simple yet stylish. It is the key point of the cat walkway just like the star to the Christmas tree!


Budget up to $200



 It is elegant yet useful cat litter cabinet. It is large inside that could keep two felines in it. Omega could be a nice piece of furniture and useful for bother felines as well. There are two entries and one door for cleaning and wide litter box top is wide enough for them to jump on. This would be a luxury Christmas gift ever!!


A sun-styled wooden cat bed. The perching board is curved wood board with grooved wood on it. Grooved wood allows felines to leave their scents on it. They could lay, rest, or rub their face into the Solar cat bed. 

This would be the high-end cat furniture you get for your cat lover friends.


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