Why my cat doesn't like the cat tree I bought for him? | MYZOO Design

It's a frequently question that many fur parents ask about.
You probably feel -what a waste of money.

But before you sell it, donate it or throw it.
Please read this article till the end and use our tips to try it again.
First, cats are natural climber, so if the cats don’t enjoy the cat tree.

We might consider the reasons from below point.


myzoo cat,cat tree,hanging cat shelf,wall mounted cat shelves

Even cats are natural climber,
but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a teacher to teach them how to use it.
Try to put some treat, cat grass or catnip on the cat tree to get their attention on it first.
After you get their attention,
they will have a good connection of cat tree.
- I can get the good thing on the ca tree.

If your cat love to play with the teaser,
you can also use the teaser to attract them to use the cat tree.
In that way, you will leave them a good impression-
“it so much fun with the cat tree.  
And my parents will company me play with me”


myzoo cat,cat tree,hanging cat shelf,wall mounted cat shelves,busycat

Most of cats are cautious.
Did you remember when every time we just bought a new stuff and putted it in the house, their first reaction was hiding or smelling.
They did that because they wanted to confirm what is that.

In that case,
you will need to give them some times to make them get used to the new things.
and at the same time, give them some space,
don’t force them to use the cat tree.
Forcing them to use the cat tree, that would just make it worse.
It’s just like when you are going to try a new food.
Firstly you will smell it, see if you can accept the smelling.
And then, you test it only when you feel like you are well prepared.

But what if during your preparation time,
someone just keep pushing you to try it,
even just put the food into your mouth directly.
You probably will just feel unhappy with the food.

myzoo cat,cat tree,hanging cat shelf,wall mounted cat shelves,spaceship,gamma,cat bed

a)Next to the window.
Cats love to look out windows.
They might be interested in plants or other animals outside.
Put the cat tree next to the window, sanctify their curiosity.

b)The area where we spend most of our time at.
We might feel like cat aren’t needy Or they live in their own world.
But in fact, they love their owner on their mind.
You might notice they like to stay in the area where we are.
Like the place near sofa or bed.
So try to put the cat tree in the area where we spend most of our time at.

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Now you’ve read the article.
Go try these tips with MYZOO!
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