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When we own the cats, we often talk about the food, the water, the supplies, etc. But we rarely talk about building the cat enrichment.

We know the most behavior problems are caused by the environment, and we can build a cat-friendly home to improve the problems.

But what we don’t know is why we still need to build a cat-friendly home if our cat’s behavior is good.

Definition of cat-friendly home

Most domestic felines, stay at home 24/7. The inhabitant in the home is not only you, there are cats too.

But most of us, while we were designing the house, considered our needs and living habits but forgot the cat’s needs. We put the furniture in the place that we need. We use the material of furniture that we like.

A cat-friendly home embraces the needs of cats and coordinates them with ours.

Why build the cat-friendly home

It’s a high chance that its environment to cause your cats to occur behavior problems. When cats are bored, they will find something that seems interesting to them or do something that might get their attention.

The common behavior problems: scratching, chewing, aggression, urinary problems, compulsive licking.

Highly suggest that bring your cat to the vet first. Sometimes it’s might the physical problems that caused the behavior problems.

But if it’s not the physical problem, then environmental enrichment will be the solution.

If your cat’s behavior is good, why do we still need a cat-friendly home?
Try to imagine you are a cat, you have the instincts to hunt and to stay at a high place. But the house doesn’t allow you to do that, at the first of beginning you can bear with that, but when the times go by many years. you still bear all of this cause you like your furfamily, you want to be a good kid.

Now let’s go back to reality if you can just make a little change for your furbaby to make the environment more suitable and cozier to them. Why not?

How to simply make a cat-friendly home

  1. Try to move the furniture where meets your needs and cat’s needs.
    e.g. If the cabinet can be put in front of the window, move the cabinet in front of the window. Let’ cat sit on the top of the cabinet and see the things outside.
  2. Some cats like to scratch on the sofa, if you want to put a sofa in the living room, try Microfibres-made or Leathaire-made sofa.
  3. If you live in a small apartment, try the floating cat shelves instead of the cat tree.The floating cat shelves not only save the ground space but also provide the flexibility of the distance between levels.
  4. Try to mount some shelves higher than the cabinet or sofa, allow your cats to stay a highest place of the house.
  5. Give your cats their own space. Any place that they know they won’t be disturbed and they feel safety. Like a floating cat bed

In a nutshell, a cat friendly home won’t bring much trouble to you, but can really make the home more friendly to your cat. Build it with MYZOO!

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