Is it a nice thing to be surrounded by cats and dogs in work?

We are a company that all the employees can bring pets to the office.
So as a dog person, I certainly bring my dog to the office every day.
And my colleagues are all cat person (Ya, me and my dog are the exception), so they bring their cats to the office every day.
Luckily, my dog doesn’t chase the cats, he treats the cats gently.

I believe that is a dream company for most cat person and dog person.
But I’m sorry that I’m going to burst your bubble. And I believe some of you who have ever WFH or who are WFH now will agree with what I’m going to say next.




They accompany us even we are tired at work. we can pet and hug them anytime. It’s just so healing that we have them aside when we feel stress and tired at work time.

2.No more sad and disappoint face to be seen before we leave the house.
sometimes we feel sorry and hard to close the door when we see their eyes, it is like telling you” please don’t go.”

3.You won’t miss out on the funny time

Pets always do unpredictable things, and sometimes it’s silly but adorable

Sometimes, we laugh out because what they do is silly but adorable. Like the cats in our company they chasing each other then slip accidentally.

or one cat is sleeping in the floating cat bed, but another cat wants to get in there too. so he squeezes her out of the bed and makes it his own. and the cat that is being squeezed out will have a sleepy and don’t know how and why to face.

4.The cats and dogs from different families can learn things from each other. (Socialization) And play together.

e.g. a new kitten, he was scare of jumping high at the first beginning, but then he learns from the adult cats. now he jumps to the highest shelf than other cats.



Now, let’s talk about the con.

1. They are cute but I’m sorry that they are annoying sometimes.

When we are having a zooming meeting or typing, the cats will just jump on the desk suddenly sometimes for fun or for getting the attention from you.

2. The meowing and barking is noise sometimes.

When lunchtime, my dog always barking. cause everyone has food but not him. So he barking to get my attention for getting the food.

(tbh, I give him enough meals twice per day, but the cat’s colleagues give cats 3 times per day. And the cat's food smell so good to the dog! To fix this problem, I have no choice but to give him 3 times per day now. But to avoid giving him too much, I cut his breakfast into two parts. 🤣)

3. It’s hard to focus on the work.

It’s ok not always pay 100% attention to work in my company. Only if you can be done the tasks on time perfectly. But because of these cute little monsters, I’m much easier to distract than I was. I have to try much harder to back to the tasks. It’s tiring.

In a nutshell, I enjoy the work time with dogs and cats.

Cause with their accompany, work is not just working anymore.

Ps: we are a cat furniture designing company so that is why we can bring the pets to the office. And we are MYZOO.

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