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Cats are afraid of children?

Here are some tips for building trust between cats and children.

1. Do not force your cats staying close to children

A little girl with sits on her mother's leg looking at a kitty staying on the wall-mounted cat furniture.

Teach children to talk in a soft and calm voice. Cats are a sensitive creature, if the environment changed or they feel threatened, they escape.

So, don’t let kids chase cats, the louder sound you make, the worse impression you leave.

Keep a distance between children and cats and introduce your children to cats.

For example: “Kitty, this is Kevin (Children’s name), he is your brother from now on, no need to be afraid!”

2. Offer cats plenty of spaces to rest and hide

A cat sleeps in a capsule designed cat bed which has a acrylic dome and four vani

More than half of cats sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day, and nearly 40% of cats sleep more than 18 hours per day. It’s harmful to their health if they keep being on constant alert. So, it’s important to build a cat wall for them. Cats need to be able to get away when they want to.

Provide a hiding place for cats to rest and observe what's going on down below. Only when they realize it's safe down there, they will like to get close.

A little girl points her finger out a black cat sitting on a moon looking wall-mounted cat bed.

3. Educate the kids

In order to let your cats get use to kids, lead kids taking care of cats with you every day. Teaching kids about cat behavior is very beneficial. Teach them basic body language of cats, so they'll know when the cats are happy and when in a bad mood. When cats start getting use to kids, they will come close and rub its head against kids. In this step, you can let your kids pat the cats gently and slowly.

A women holds a little girl who takes a cat teaser playing with a kitty.

Be a good role model and let your children see you handling the cats respectfully. Tell them about why you are handling the cats the way you are. 

Bring your cats and kids closer by building a comfort place for them!

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