If you have a surplus bedroom, utilize it as a cat room!

Mr.Tsai has 5 Gingira.
He lives in a big house which has many rooms but not used.
He wants to utilize one of room to make it as a cat room
where he could keeps cats far away the dangerous things,
such as wire, plastic bags, glass stuff etc.
And when he leaves the house,
he knows that the cats would be safety inside the cat room.

"The room is not a big cage to my cats." Ms. Wu said,
"To them,it will be like a playground, a safety house.
A place where has everything they need.
Such as cat teaser,cat scratcher, litter box, cat tree,cat shelves,
cat feeder,cat house and cat bed."

So while we start to design the cat room,
The first thing we think about is what and how much quantity do they have for the cat's daily stuff.  
Plus, consider that there are 5 gingira, which are large cat.
So we design the 40 cm altitude for easy climbing.
We also build multiple lanes to create the diversified cat walkway.
Also we build a  customized skywalk as Mr. Tsai requested.

Finally, an amazing cat room finished.

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